What can a robot teach you?

Author: Magdalena Ćwieluch , date: 9.08.2016


What does the Star Wars series have in common with education and programming? Actually, quite a lot! Thanks to new, interesting gadgets dedicated to children at schools, we...

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Listen to Carly’s voice!

Author: Sabina Misiarz-Filipek , date: 4.08.2016

Expertise and news

Today we present Carly Fleischman, author of the extraordinary book Carly’s Voice, in which she tells the story of how, as a teenage girl with autism, she was...

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Summer break in therapy

Author: Agnieszka Kolbiarz - Juszczak , date: 19.07.2016

DrOmnibus, Expert's view, Therapist's view

Breaks are a natural, important, and necessary element of education. Christmas, winter, and summer holidays, in addition to helping children regain their strength, provide them with an opportunity...

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Water, sand and other sensoric plays :)

Author: Magdalena Ćwieluch , date: 15.07.2016

DrOmnibus, Therapist's view

With the relief from our many duties we enjoy during the summer holidays often comes a two-month break in our children’s education and therapy. You can read more...

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autism show

DrOmnibus on Autism Show in London :)

Author: Wojtek Bieroński , date: 7.07.2016

DrOmnibus, Events

The Autism Show is the leading British conference and market event dedicated to autism. It’s organised every year in the largest cities in England, attracting thousands of therapists,...

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Flickr/Kamilla Oliveira

EEG Biofeedback Therapy

Author: Magdalena Ćwieluch , date: 24.06.2016

DrOmnibus, Expert's view, Therapist's view

EEG Biofeedback Therapy has been gaining popularity in recent years. In addition to adults who want to improve their brain function (meaning their cognitive processes), the participants of...

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UX in Apps for Children with Special Needs

Author: Wojtek Bieroński , date: 14.06.2016

DrOmnibus, Expert's view

Designers are not children. This simple fact means that designing applications for the little ones is a challenge right from the start. In a situation where additional factors come...

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zadnij co czuje

The ‘Guess What I’m Feeling’ Game in theraphy

Author: Agnieszka Kolbiarz - Juszczak , date: 14.06.2016

DrOmnibus, Expert's view, Therapist's view

‘Guess What I’m Feeling’ is the seventh game available in our DrOmnibus application, which helps develop a child’s social functioning, in particular, the ability to recognise emotions based...

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